Executor support for the digital age

Cadence streamlines and simplifies estate settlement, helping bereaved families through some of life’s most challenging times. Because grief is hard enough.

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Intelligent, Compassionate Support for Executors.

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Personalized Assistance

Our software will analyze your unique situation and give you personalized, step-by-step guidance for the road ahead.

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Save Time & Money

Cadence helps you save time, maximize benefits and avoid costly mistakes by recommending tasks and autofilling the necessary paperwork.

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Speak To Real Human Beings

Our advisors are available by phone or chat to answer questions, make professional referrals or help tackle hard-to-do tasks.

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Tailored Guidance for Individuals

Get peace of mind knowing your responsibilities are carried out correctly. Cadence offers clear instructions, convenient forms & letters, and task-tracking tools to make your job easier.

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Business Solutions

Focus on your specialized services while knowing your clients, families, or employees are getting the help they need to settle their loved one’s affairs.

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"Working with Cadence has been a real win-win partnership. Their customer service approach is an extension of our service to families, and their care and attention is evident in the feedback we receive from our clients. By simplifying the paperwork and details of estate documentation, they save the family so much time and stress.
We highly recommend their services.”

Morgan E.
Funeral Home Owner, Canada

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